Friday, June 01, 2007

japan day 9

today we started our day off right with an awesome breakfast at the roadhouse.
the chef there made us the best breakfast sandwiches-even ones with pancakes instead of english muffins.

thanks riz, jesse and your team at camp fuji- you guys rock!

we also bought some pretty sweet marines sweats at the px!

we kept looking for mount fuji but it was rainy and cloudy and we couldn't see the top of the mountain.

today we had a two hour bus ride from camp fuji to yokota ab that is 30 minutes outside of downtown tokyo.

the weather here is beautiful. not to hot and not to cold. the base is very green and has very nice shrubbery.

we got ready for the show and then set up the whole pa and gear. then we had an awesome dinner at the dining hall place.

i got shrimp linguine, mandy got crab legs, josh joel and kyle got salmon, missy got salad bar, erin got chicken alfredo and zach got pork tenderloin.

our tour coordinator here is awesome! thanks for all of your hard work spike for the hook up.

the show as great. a little dark in the room- but great. everyone had an awesome time.

tomorrow we are off to atsugi navy base on a 2 hour bus ride.

more to come when we have faster internet!

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