Sunday, August 29, 2010

crazy factoid

crazy factoid i learned about ray lamontagne at tonight'a show:
he has stage fright.
yes this amazing artist has stage fright...
he played from the side of the stage and was mostly blocked by a stack of speakers.
i find this refreshing.
even stage fright cant keep this man from preforming for thousands.
thanks for playing a great show tonight ray.


today was fantisic (as a friend once said in jamaica)
it involved:
good food (cindy's fried chicken)
good tunes (ray lamontagne and david gray)
and good friends (joel, jimmy and molly)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I heart houndstooth...

Yet another reason I can't wait until fall: my new houndstooth boots.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the lady with all the answers

photo by: malone and co.

a few weeks ago i was asked by a dear friend katie, who happens to be the new pr director of the omaha community playhouse, if i would be interested in joining a 'buzz team.'

its pretty simple: i get opening weekend season tickets to the playhouse and then i work my social media and networking magic to spread the word about the show and tell people what i think about the play.

this weekend the first play opened.

the lady with all the answers

what the playbill says:
For decades, renowned newspaper advice columnist Ann Landers responded to countless questions from lovelorn teens, confused couples, and a multitude of others in need of advice on matters small and momentous – like the proper way to hang toilet paper rolls. This one-woman show provides a compelling portrait of this folksy, funny, frank, and slightly eccentric writer and personality. Eppie Lederer was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and for several years was a happy Midwestern housewife. When her family moved to Chicago, she applied for a job to assist the woman writing the syndicated “Ann Landers” advice column for the Chicago Sun-Times. But the woman had just died and Eppie was hired to write the column … and she also inherited the Ann Landers pen-name. At the height of her popularity, Ann Landers was read by some 90 million people. Her daily dialog with America helped shape the social landscape for almost half a century.

what i thought:
this one woman show was awesome! i have never seen a one person play before and i was super impressed by how she didn't miss a beat and interacted with the audience.

the gal who played eppie aka ann landers, kathy wheeldon, was just great. so funny. she got the iconic hair swoop right on.

i loved her jewelery: it reminded me of the vintage glam stella and dot pearls that i use to sell.

i loved the one room set that was set up like her office with her typewriter adored with owls everywhere.

i loved how she sprayed chanel number 5 into the air and how it wafted up to me as she described how she wore it everyday and how special it was to the injured troops she visited in vietnam.

i loved how it reminded me my days as a columnist at the gateway at uno.

i loved her i still want an old one like this someday.

and i loved listening to my mother-in-law giggle throughout the show.

who would like this show:
this show is sure to please long time readers and youngsters (like me) alike. i dont remember reading her columns like my mother-in-law did, but i loved it just the same. so cool to learn about this ground breaking iowa woman who really set the tone strong, smart, savy business ladies to come.

when you can catch it:

august 26-september 19
you can get tickets here.

next on the docket:
footloose, the musical on september 17th (it's like the theatre gods knew it was the day after my birthday)
i can't wait to foot-foot-footloose!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday I checked out the new bakery down in the old market named Bliss Bakery.

I tried a chai cupcake and stopped by aromas next door for a cup of chai tea.

Both were blissful.

I can't wait until fall...

Friday, August 06, 2010

jones bros. cupcakes

today I went back to jones bros cupcakes (no not jonas brothers) in aksarben village...
this time with my intern sonia to celebrate her last day.
we both got a sandwich and their free cupcake of the day (for their Facebook fans).
i had a delish ruben! it came with a pickle and shot of frosting.

the secret cupcake of the day was carnival. it was white cake with pretzel m&ms in it and oreos on top of buttercream frosting.
we were delighted to meet the owner bill and chat with him about my cupcake obsession.
i mentioned our wackiest flavors (bacon chocolate) and he told me of his french toast/ waffle and Bacon idea.
i said do it!
he said you like salty and sweet?
i said yes!
he said have you tried our sweet and salty cupcake?
i said no :(
he said what you eating now...can i grab you one?
i said of course!

chocolate with carmel and sea salt....amaazingg!
we then talked about his beautiful and chic shop and working together for red cross fundraisers! i can't wait.
thanks for the cupcakes bill!
you better believe ill be back.

(even their windows are cute!)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


in college me and mr. joel starting saying woot woot...
i honestly thought we invited the word...until we googled it one day and came across
a website that sells one item a day- cheap.
the best part of it is that they have the best copywriters.
they can be selling a bag of peanuts and its hilarious.
check out today's shirt woot and it's description...simply amazing. (don't forget to zoom in on the picture)
you better believe i ordered it.

See the world’s hottest pastries going WILD!

That’s right, Cakes Gone Wild is giving you EXCLUSIVE VIP ACCESS to the hottest clubs where only the hottest baked goods go! And these tarts (and quiches, and pies, and cookies) are taking it ALL off!

YOU asked for it and WE delivered! Shortcrusts! Cupcakes! Muffins! See them all completely blind-baked and ready for action! These pastries are shakin’ their shortening and we’re bringing you nothing but the butter, baby!

To order “Cakes Gone Wild Volume XVII” call 1-900-HOT-CAKE or visit today! Order now and we’ll throw in a special BONUS video, “Cakes Gone Wild: Baklava Babes,” a $39.95 value, absolutely free!


Wear this shirt: Into your local pastry shop staffed by attractive and easily-amused members of whichever gender you’re into. They’re going to like it.

Don’t wear this shirt: If you’re just going to drop cupcake crumbs all over it.

This shirt tells the world: “That cake is somebody’s DESSERT, you know.”

We call this color: Olive her frosting off.