Friday, June 27, 2008

crazy winds and hail hit omaha!

a crazy storm just blew through.
i saw some rather ominous looking clouds while laying out at the pool and decided to roam home...
a few minutes later the sirens went off.
then crazy clouds...
then insane cold winds...
then the rain...
then the marble sized hail.
all swirling and whirling around.
i have never in my life seen clouds moving so fast!
the power flashed, cable box went out, penny ran for safety...
i grabbed the ol' camera and shot away.
after i got my tornado bag out and everything in our safe place of course. haha
the hail was coming down so fast and hard it ripped holes in the screens in our windows.
then there was huge piles of hail laying around on the ground. it looked just like pellet ice from sonic was dumped everywhere.
funny how it goes from being hot and humid to cold and windy in minutes.
then bright and sunny again...

here is the video i shot from on our can see the wind swirling around the building and rain rushing through. it was crazy and took my breath away.

saving lives has never sounded so good...part II

yesterday was our second music saves lives concert blood drive in omaha.
thanks to all of the great bands that played, the blood donors and our sponsors (lifenine productions, wells fargo and 89.7 The River)

brad hoshaw


my hero!

meghan helping to save 3 lives..


little brazil

thanks for the great rock show guys!
the red cross hearts you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

deferred AGAIN!

i am totally bummed...
i was so excited to be able to donate blood today at our concert blood drive.
i was deferred for a year after traveling to s.korea last year...deferred for travel to mexico a few years earlier, then tattoos, etc in college and have never donated blood ever ever!
waited all day today to get the media and bands taken care of then headed over to donate.
i had a high pulse (110) and fever (99.8)! ugh!
they even re-tested me twice.
no go.
will i ever be able to donate blood?
am i the only one at the red cross that has never donated blood?
at least i tried i guess.
good news is joel actually got to donate!
yay- for first time donors.

...more to come tomorrow with photos.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

happy summer offically!

so summer started officially tonight at 6:59 pm!(weird time to start i know)
happy summer!
to ring in this happy day joel and i went on a date to texas roadhouse yehah! and to see don't mess with the zohan!
it was weird- but funny. (weirdest thing was dave mathews was in the movie)
i will alway love adam sandler no matter how out there his movies get.
nothing will ever top billy madison 7th grade favorite that we watched every weekend at slumber parties, following that was usually happy gilmore or dumb and dumber. can you see my obsession with dumb comedy.
anyways...the zohoan (scappy coco) did bust out some awesome paul mitchell hairdos circa 1980.

Pooltime finally...

God bless america for girlfriends, a good book, a cool drink and the pool!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


so i have been waiting for greensburg to run on planet green (the new discovery channel on digital cable)
its on sunday nights- but i just now got to watch it.
it is a new show about how the whole town of greensburg kansas is rebuilding green after the may 07 tornado took out the whole town literally.
have your tissues handy.
i have a feeling this show will be amazing so stay tuned for more updates.

(just in case you didnt notice i am still adding links to words-but my new blog template doesn't make the words pretty colors- so just roll over my entries and you might find a surprise.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

music saves lives take 2!

that's right folks!
the second music saves lives concert blood drive is coming.
register today online here or call 1800 GIVE LIFE.
click here for more info.
more to come!
thanks for the rad posters dave at lifenine productions.

vacation...all i ever wanted...

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone"

...or with your girls on the beach in sunny puerto vallarta at the mayan palace! (click here to see it!)
and i haven't needed a pina colata sooner!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Me and officer horak

Today I had the pleasure of having coffee and catching up with my good friend steph aka office horak in new orleans. It was great seeing you again girl...I will keep you in my prayers as you patrol the scariest city in the u.s.

Sunny and perfect in omaha finally...

After a week of nightmare weather- omaha is beautiful again. I met molly for lunch today at mcfosters natural way café. We sat on the patio...I had salmon and it was glorious!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

more crazy skys...

last night we saw some more crazy clouds.
one side of the sky was orange the other blue.

very weird.
the most orange i have ever seen...

and this is the orange sky 3 minutes after the first photo was taken at 7:24p.m...
after the big pea sized hail and the sheets of blowing rain.

Monday, June 09, 2008

crazy weekend of weather...

so this weekend, and the last few weeks in nebraska and iowa in general, we have had horrendous weather.
on our way up to rochester we saw some scary clouds.
there was even a storm chaser pulled over staring at the clouds we were driving under!
not a good sign we we drove faster not knowing what county exactly we were in... (note to self: get a u.s. atlas)
we seemed to somehow pass all of the tornadoes though.
the flooding was insane in iowa. i couldn't help but think of how the fields looked just like the rice patties in japan that we saw last year this time.

beauty even in the destruction.
and thank god everyone is ok here in omaha after the tornado millard had.
i woke up to a text on sunday morning from linsey saying, "ahhhhh! disaster hits omaha, and the most prepared person is out of town!"
sad but true.
but you guys can't say i didn't warn you a few weeks ago to be prepared!...

(photo linsey snapped in her hood)
stay safe omaha and world.
make a kit and be prepared!