Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my love

is a good love.
a great love actually.
he is fun.
and funny.
we dont have to be fancy.
we just be us.
it reminds me of a favorite lloyd dobbler quote:
"When we'd go out, we wouldn't even have to go out. We'd just hang out. This girl
made me trust myself. I was walking around, feeling satisfied, can you imagine that?"
he gave me his heart.
...i didn't give him a pen.

if you dont know what that means well...
lovesick in the 1989 movie- say anything-lloyd dobbler gives diane court his heart and she breaks up with him and gives him a pen in return.

it's one of my all time favorite movies-
not just because i love john cusack- but because it's true.

love isnt about going places and and trying to be in love.
love is about just being.
being and living.

im about to be a wife.
i will let you know what its like.
i bet its like being in love x10000.

three more

Monday, December 25, 2006

5 days...

happy birthday little baby jesus.

thanks for the great christmas schlegelmilches.

practicing for the wedding..."i just have to dance," ben screamed. "will you please move linsey? i need to dance there."

cousins gotta hug.

lena takes a picture of uncle tom and his new slang flash cards.

bride and flowergirl...i let her borrow my camera for the night and she later proclaimed," i should be a photographer." i said, "yes you should!"

lena practicing her rock and roll splits for the wedding.

margie on the loose...

the ring bear ben...he kept telling lena she would be a ring bear too, but didnt like the idea of being a flower boy...

our little flower girl- lena

linsey wants a new car she says...santa says oh- one you can ride in? duh!

oh that's right...joel and i got a special wedding wish from santa...he didnt even ask us what we wanted...

margie before she realizes santa is holding her.

margie after she notices it is indeed santa- who she doesn't care for...

big brother ben laughing at margie's near death experience.

lena and santa...alls she wanted was one bell from his sleigh.

ben the elf

lena and lil margie

christmas morning holds a special schlegelmich tradition of shotting things with an old 22. this is the first year i actually was up to the challange.

even moms shoot guns on christmas.

my big sis and her hubby...

my christmas present i get everyday.

grandpa schlegelmilch and sandy the puppy...killer boots man!

the winner of the christmas shoot out was matt. second place linsey. third tie of joel and kim. i somehow managed to not even hit my dang target. i told them, "i shoot cameras- not guns." they said if it were a camera i would rock at shooting things. there is always next christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas Blogworld.

The only way i know to spread Christmas cheer! Singing loud for all to hear...and the Hoff.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

your mom...

my moms are the greatest.

i actually have one legal mom right now- but one other mom that will be my other offical mom in 9 days!
i love them both. they are great. they are both strong amazing women. they both have huge hearts and call just to say hi and that they love me.

that means a lot.

thanks moms.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

thank you.

thank you to the following people for helping make my life brighter, lighter and all around better throughout my whole wedding planning process:

My love: Joel Schlegelmilch

My Parents: Dan Petersen
Randy and Chris Jensen
Joel’s Parents: Kim and Cindy Schlegelmilch
Maid of Honor: Megan Petersen
Best Man: Josh Michael
Matron of Honor: Linsey Carsey
Man of Honor: Jimmy Ferrin
Bridesmaids: and Groomsmen:
Kylee Bachelor
Kyle Schlegelmilch
Stephanie Horak
Matt Carsey
Natalie Papstien
Austin Reynolds
Jaimi Schmidt
Dan Owen
Meleah Groenjes
Zach Link
Mandy Maynard
Flower girl: Lena Schlegelmilch
Ring bear: Ben Alger
Personal Attendants: Fran Petersen and Mary Cramer
Ceremony by: Ulrik Petersen and Pastor Michael
Candle lighters: Jim and Abby Cramer
Musical contributions by:
Ryan Newell and Aaron Jordan of O Lovelle
Erin Maynard of the Maynard Triplets
Photos by: Chris Machian of Prairie Pixel Group (PPG)
Video: Jon, PPG
Molly Gordon of The Red Portfolio
Flowers by: Jennifer Chebatoris
Rock and Roll Impala: Shane and Annie Bainbridge
Reception Hosts: Teri Reynolds, Robbie Seil and Vicky Johnson
Cupcakes by: Erin Reynolds of Dolce Bakery- KC
Cheesecake by: Dan Petersen of Cheesecake’s Amour- OKC
Reception band: Flyover Country
DJ: Glenn Lewis of Music Masterz

...and the mental support of other family and friends: Meredith Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins, obi, bloggers (Katie, Molly, Jimbo, ect), my mama and joels mama, Linsey and most importantly Jesus.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

autopilot on


11 day until the wedding.

my brain is on autopilot.

i might do or say silly things.

this is brought on by stress and the only cure is to be a bride.

side affects might include, but are not limited to:

saying things that don't make sense, forgetting your name, mailing your invitation to the wrong address, freak out fits, crying attacks, deliriousness, extreme energy, crashing from sugar highs, over zealous excitement, panic attacks, over committing to do things that are not possible, day dreaming, nervous eye twitches, ect.

thank you for understanding and giving me candy.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

there aint no party like an obi party cause an obi party dont stop...

obi had our holiday party this weekend at the french cafe.
it was kicked off at shawns loft in the old market and also ended there with fab afterhours.
all that i can say is obi knows how to party.
we dont kid around.

this is our 2 story castle hotel room at the magnolia downtown.
it was glorious.
well...jimmy and ashley's pull out wasn't but it was other then that.