Sunday, January 31, 2010

how to make a fanciful giant cupcake

1. get the giant cupcake pan. mine is nordic ware from williams sonoma (thanks dad).

2. make the cake. today i made mr. joels favorite- yellow cake- for his birthday!

3. pour cake into both halves leaving .5 inch of extra room at the top.

4. cook for 70 minutes at 325.

5. flip the cake out of the pan onto a cooling rack to cool for 2 hours.

6. put back into pan and saw off the extra cake so it will be even when stacked.

7. add frosting on the top of the base of the cupcake. this will act like the glue holding it together.

8. frost the top of the cupcake.

9. add sprinkles and a 'cherry on top' my cherry is wilton's new sparkle gel.

10. enjoy!!

(happy early birthday mr joel.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

you couldn't ignore me if you tried...

you might remember me talking about the upcoming brat pack book that i'm going to be interviewed in called 'you couldn't ignore me if you tried' by susannah gora.
she called me a few years ago to interview me about my 1980s obsession. susannah found me online thanks to a story i wrote in college about carving a molly ringwald pumpkin.
well the time has almost come for the book to go on sale (feb 9)
i have to admit that i'm a bit nervous to see my quotes- because i dont honestly remember what i told her back in sept of 2008...but i remember spilling my soul about how i could relate to molly ringwald and always had a thing for john cusack.
either way i am super excited to have the book in my hands soon.
you can pre-order it now here
i think i will be stopping by the bookstore myself to see it on the shelf. :)
until then check out a review from the ny post and the books website... look for my name under the 'totally awesome interviewees' section...underneath the greats.

Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 with 10 new updates

so as you have noticed i have been off the blogging grid for a while.
the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, work and days without seeing the sun has left me feeling exhausted and have led me to neglecting my precious blog.

sorry to all who follow who come to this page everyday to not see an update.
i promise to get back to blogging and keeping you updated from here on out.

since have last blogged-

1. dutch turned 1. we celebrated with 'pupcakes' and presents. she is still as rascally as ever.

2. we were snowed in for christmas...yes dutch still loves the snow.

3. linsey didn't turn 30. we celebrated with a surprise party.

4. joel and i celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss. im still as proud as ever to be mrs. schlegelmilch.

5. we spent memorable new years with good friends downtown. italian at vincenzos + dancing at blue + hotel party = perfect nye.

6. i hired 4 spring interns- and we had a wild week of 8 subzero fires at work to kick off the new year.

7. i got snazzy new marc jacobs glasses and a new mapple to do blogs faster on.

8. a deadly earthquake strikes haiti and rocks the entire world. the red cross leads the way in support and i work around the clock...and continue to work extra hours to support the greatest humanitarian organization in the world.

9. my favorite coco had to gogo. this leaves me deeply sad- but excited to see what he does next.

10. and last but not least- snow, snow and more snow. did i mention we got literally a ton of snow?