Saturday, January 30, 2010

you couldn't ignore me if you tried...

you might remember me talking about the upcoming brat pack book that i'm going to be interviewed in called 'you couldn't ignore me if you tried' by susannah gora.
she called me a few years ago to interview me about my 1980s obsession. susannah found me online thanks to a story i wrote in college about carving a molly ringwald pumpkin.
well the time has almost come for the book to go on sale (feb 9)
i have to admit that i'm a bit nervous to see my quotes- because i dont honestly remember what i told her back in sept of 2008...but i remember spilling my soul about how i could relate to molly ringwald and always had a thing for john cusack.
either way i am super excited to have the book in my hands soon.
you can pre-order it now here
i think i will be stopping by the bookstore myself to see it on the shelf. :)
until then check out a review from the ny post and the books website... look for my name under the 'totally awesome interviewees' section...underneath the greats.

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