Saturday, May 08, 2010

the time of our lives

four years ago today i departed for london on the adventure of my life with my greatest friends from college. we graduated days earlier- most of us quit our jobs and left the country with all of our graduation gift money and spent every last pound of it on pints.
it truly was the time of our lives.
we stayed up way too late, ate as many steak and ale pies as we could, rode the tubes until they stopped for the night, shopped, danced, laughed, had slumber parties and hotel parties, visited castles, saw where shakespeare was born, wore our sunglasses at night, ate english breakfasts with baked beans, crawled the pubs with the best of them, drank beers in our twin beds and made the best memories of our lives.
we saw london...

we saw france...

we saw the world and love it.
we always talk about going back for a reunion trip.
i think we should start saving now and go back next summer for a 5 year reunion.
any takers?
we can do it in memory of our good friend crystal.
who taught us to keep your chin up and not spill your beer...even if you slide down a flight of stairs...gracefully.

miss you girl.