Monday, May 25, 2009

babies + lemons = awesome photos

heart you baby g.

memorial day fun

this weekend was a busy one.
tommy boy pizza and drinks with the gang on friday night.
cleaning, laundry then family dinner with the schlegs saturday night.
sunday we were off to york to see the schlegs. we were part of the family harley convoy (but we drove in my car so we could bring dutchie to meet her dog cousins)even grandpa went for a ride!
cleaning, cooking and bbq'n all day today with family and friends. don and shannon brought over baby g (gavin) who is the cutest baby ever and he took his first dip in his new baby pool!
tons of fun!
i only wish i had another day to recover from the busyness!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

poprocks, bacon and captain crunch, oh my!

today kerrie and i stopped by a new bakery called swirls in search of cupcakes for ashley. we also heard they had maple bacon we had to try it!

i got 2 elvis donuts (bacon and maple) 1 poprock cupcake and a 4 pack of captain crunch donuts (all to share of course). the ones i have tried are delish.
the cupcake was a little dry but the poprocks made up for it.

i know what you are thinking, bacon donuts...thats crazy! but its a literal breakfast party in your mouth! even mr joel loves it!

the place was really cute and i am defiantly going back to get some donuts someday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

he put a ring on it...

congrats cuz!
welcome to the family david!!
hope i didn't embarrass mary too bad when i welcomed you into the family last time i saw you...she did the same to joel- so i owed her.

wicked awesome

wicked and bianco with the girls was wicked awesome.

two (green) thumbs up!
thanks for the fun ladies!