Thursday, February 26, 2009

baby penny

all this puppy time reminds me of when penny was a baby too.
i went back in my blogs and found this old blog about the history of penny lane petersen-schelgelmilch.
look at the cute lil face.

i heart londays...

londays= rainy days in omaha with mates that all traveled to london together at one time. we usually try to do something that reminds us of london.
today jimmy, greg, katie and i all met and had lunch at brazen head pub.
we had fish and chips and cottage pie (closest thing to steak and ale pie) in omaha.
it was a bloody fab.
we need to do it more often.
i miss foggy london town.
and the steak and ale pies and strongbow, pictured below.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

puppy love...

dutch had a super busy weekend of meeting new friends.
my mom, stepdad randy, josh, kathy and kyle all came to meet her.
linsey and matt also came over to play and see her again.
dutch loves them all...especially uncle josh for bringing her a smoked pig ear to chew on.

dutch is growing my leaps and bounds everyday...literally.
here are some videos to prove it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the flu bug got me... me bad.
hence my not being on the internet since monday.
i basically slept the past 3 days...
im finally starting to feel better and am still bummed that my suitcase for atlanta is still packed and i am not there.
there is always next year i guess.

puppy update: i taught her how to go up and down the stairs today. probably will regret that soon- but that pup is heavy to be hauling up and down the stairs when you are sick.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

life as a puppy mom day 2...

look real close and you can see penny looking back at dutch..

observations about puppies:
they are like babies, they wake up early, cry and cant walk downstairs yet...
they are unlike babies because they run all over the house, bite everything, and scratch the crud out of you with their sharp puppy claws and teeth.
they are sweet and loving.
they try not to pee in the house but sometimes they are too darn excited while playing.
they learn quick.
they are fun and funny.
they have big bellies.
they wear humans out.
they like balls and mini frisbees.
they watch tv sometimes.
they can and do get the hickups...i think
everybody loves them.

i got a pup that actually poses for photos so be prepared to see a ton of her.

update on penny and puppy bonding:
this morning penny and dutch laid on the same sofa at the same time with us. it was nice. they also kind of played together...well dutch played and penny actually sat in the same room and watched. that is good.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking forward to APAT

I am sure looking forward to seeing everyone at APAT next week!! See you guys there!

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meet the dutchess...

dutch for short.
like dutch chocolate...since she is a chocolate lab.
she is a cutie face and we love her already.
we have been thinking about getting a puppy for a long time and decided that valentines day was the perfect day since that is when we got penny lane 4 years ago. :)

dutch and aunt linsey on the way home.
at linsey's house tryin to convince matt to go get one of dutches brothers or sisters...

she is too cute...

joel and his new 'best friend'

trying out the snow!

penny seems to not hate her at this time so that is good.
there was no hissing or anything.
they even touched noses.

she is adorable and im excited to finally have a puppy since i have never had one!

Meet our new puppy

Name tbd..
More to come...

Happy cupid day!

Wheatfields brunch with mom and randy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

dolce baking company

so joel's cousin erin owns the cutest tastiest bakery ever...
its called dolce baking company and its fab.
her cupcakes are literally to die for.
(they are the cupcakes we had at our wedding)
the only problem about dolce is it's in kansas.

dear mr joel.
please send me a dozen long steamed cupcakes for valentines day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

two years in the making...

for two years i have been waiting for our insurance to reset so i could get new glasses. Dork with a capital D...i know i know.

but now i will be a big dork with a capital D & G. woot woot!
my new dolce and gabbana glasses are on their way people.
can't wait to be sporting these hot puppies.
here is what joel said about them in a email today:
"from straight ahead they will look subdued. but from the side it will be WOW!!
you are going to surprise people! haha"

i love that boy.
i was planning on getting these glasses with hot pink fronts but they are now discontinued. big bummer- but oh well...d&g is d&g. :)

New hairs...

New glasses on the way!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

mr joel

mr joel turned 25 yesterday.
we had a big party sunday for him...the NFL even had the superbowl in honor of his birthday like they always do. so nice of them. haha
we had the families over for some fun and food...

i grilled brats in the snow.

joels mom and sister created some chocolate hot mess disaster cupcakes...that were great!

then the chocolate monster showed up and partied with us...

it was an overall wonderful good time.
happy birhtday groundhogs day boy!
we love you!!!