Sunday, February 15, 2009

life as a puppy mom day 2...

look real close and you can see penny looking back at dutch..

observations about puppies:
they are like babies, they wake up early, cry and cant walk downstairs yet...
they are unlike babies because they run all over the house, bite everything, and scratch the crud out of you with their sharp puppy claws and teeth.
they are sweet and loving.
they try not to pee in the house but sometimes they are too darn excited while playing.
they learn quick.
they are fun and funny.
they have big bellies.
they wear humans out.
they like balls and mini frisbees.
they watch tv sometimes.
they can and do get the hickups...i think
everybody loves them.

i got a pup that actually poses for photos so be prepared to see a ton of her.

update on penny and puppy bonding:
this morning penny and dutch laid on the same sofa at the same time with us. it was nice. they also kind of played together...well dutch played and penny actually sat in the same room and watched. that is good.


Chorizo said...

My name is Chorizo and I am a 22 month old Portuguese Water Dog. Google alerts told me you used the words "life as a puppy". That is the name of my blog @
I hope that crate is a 500 size as my 2 are 400 and they just fit my full grown body. And you are going to grow up to be bigger then me.
Have fun and enjoy the snow, I know I do-it tastes good.

Katie said...

Puppy love! Congratulations!

Jimmy said...

she is so cute! i'll bring lucy over and they can play!

Kylee said...

awwwwwwwww congratulations!!! dutch is sooo cute!!! love the pictures!!
love you!