Monday, December 23, 2013

Worth the wait

For some having babies is like snapping their fingers and bazinga they 're blessed with a bouncing bundle of joy. For others it takes years of tears, treatments, heartbreak and a roller coaster of emotions… and lot of crazy hormones. We fit the second group- due to a condition I have that makes it very hard to get pregnant ...but hey it makes for a very interesting story!

After a year of trying, last Fall we had an answer to our prayers…but it wan't meant to be and we ended up losing the baby around 11 weeks (two days before Thanksgiving). Needless to say it was the hardest thing we have experienced in our lives and Thanksgiving was not very fun. 

But as He does, God brought Joel and I closer than ever through the whole thing and helped us heal together. After a few more rounds of infertility meds, shots, hundreds of dollars and too many doctors appointments in the New Year I decided enough was enough; God can do anything…I don't need these stinkin' drugs! My Aunt Fran (who is my self appointed Godmother due to her southern tell it like it is faith-filled advice) was telling me for months she felt like I should go to a chiropractor because it had helped her coworker get pregnant after nothing worked… (Sounds nutty right?)

Long story short- God not only led me to amazing Christian chiropractors at Family First Chiropractic but paved the way for free treatments! After a few days of stressing of how I would pay for the care- I prayed for an answer and felt like I should ask them about a trade. They'd treat me and I'd help them with their marketing. Little did I know they were in major need of help. They said they felt like God had led me to them to help and they would be happy to do an even trade! They told me to expect a miracle because they did! The first appointment I had the song 'Healing Begins' came on when I was being treated. Woah!

Fast forward five months of chiropractic care, continual prayer with expectation and words of encouragement from God along the way. Ask me about all of the barren women of the Bible who eventually conceived- because He revealed all of their stories to me in those months! It really was getting ridiculous to read them one after another as my daily devotionals in a women in the Bible series.

And come September...I was pregnant! Exactly one year after I was pregnant before! God has pretty amazing timing and allowed us to experience some pretty amazing things in the past year. So we continued praying furiously and patiently waited for that 12 week appointment to hear the heartbeat we didn’t hear the first time before we told anyone. Ironically- it was the day before Thanksgiving- exactly one year after we found out we lost our first baby. You couldn't imagine the ants in our pants and anxiety we felt. Talk about déjà doctor even mentioned the timing! But this time was different. This time we heard a strong beautiful heartbeat! The most amazing sound we've ever heard! Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh. Strong and healthy.

June 3rd can't get here soon enough for us to meet this little miracle baby! As a journalism grad I've always appreciated a good story and I really can't wait to tell this baby how their life is already pretty darn amazing…even before they were born.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us the last few years. God is so good and faithful. We are so blessed to have this testimony to share. We also realize some aren't as blessed as we are to be able to have children and my heartbreaks and yearns along with them. I pray that our story helps and encourages those with similar struggles along the way.