Saturday, May 31, 2008

sex and the city movie

two words:
loved it
i will watch it again.
probably like a million savor every moment again.
i laughed- i cried- i loved every minute of it!
...funniest part: i went to meet my friend meghan there and she got stuck at work. so i was sitting there as the movies starts and am like...humm i wonder where she is? did i miss her when i came in? i was so confused...then she called and said she got stuck in the meeting, im so sorry. im like, im not leaving sorry. haha. first time i have been to a movie by myself. but- honestly it doesnt matter i had to see it friday and i didnt care how.
1:30 in the afternoon by myself with a theater full of fans.
good enough for me.
ps- new favorite song from the movie: fergie- lables or love

rocking for the red cross...

today our music saves lives blood drive at the mall of the bluffs went great!
we had a hundred or so donors show up, donate blood and rock out.
saving lives has literally never sounded so good!
here are some of my favorite photos from today.


flight metaphor

tim wildsmith

(meghan and i with motion city soundtrack)
thanks to the awesome bands who played and motion city soundtrack for coming to meet our donors! also a big shout out to dave at lifenine for helping put the whole show together and jason the sound guy for helping me get the sound levels perfect!
(sorry to akita ken for somehow missing getting their photo...i guess that is when we went to pick up motion and i got sidetracked! whoops.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

music saves lives

thats right folks
this saturday is our first music saves lives blood drive and concert here in the omaha metro.
i hope to see you all there!
here's the skinny:

Q98 Five and The American Red Cross Present:
The Music Saves Lives Concert Series and Blood Drive
on Saturday May 31st at the Mall of the Bluffs from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Free Concert featuring: Tim Wildsmith, Skypiper Flight Metaphor and Akita-Ken
Sponsored by Lifenine Productions and Harrah's Casino
Free Meet and Greet with Q-Artist Motion City Soundtrack

All presenting blood donors get a free backstage pass to the Vans Warped Tour!
And it will be your last chance to win free tickets to the
Q98 Five Presents- Panic at the Disco Concert that is that night.
Saving lives has never sounded so good.

Call 1.800.GIVE.LIFE or visit
to schedule a blood donation appointment today.

Monday, May 26, 2008

red cross ready...

ok guys i am totally going to dork out now...
ever since i have came home from disaster training i have disasters on the mind- and its hard to forget with tornadoes, earthquakes and cyclones happening everyday all over our states, country and world.

ok so working for the red cross we preach preparation.
people we need to take this prepared or be sorry.

* Get a Kit
* Make a Plan
* Be Informed

ok and part of being prepared is knowing that in the event of a disaster the red cross offers an amazing program called safe and well

basically, if you are in a disaster and have one call you can make- call someone to tell them you are ok and then have them register you online on the red cross website at the safe and well page so everyone else will know you are well... safe and well.

there is also a list of options you can leave to let people know where you are, thats you will call when able, etc.

pretty easy but a lot of people dont know about this service. its free and can really mean a lot when you cant find your loved ones.

you just need a name, a pre-disaster address and phone number to register and find your loved ones. easy smeasy.

ok enough of me being a dork.
but seriously guys take time to be prepared.
i have a feeling with the weather the way its been lately we all should be ready.

happy memorial day...

i am proud to be part of an organization that serves our troops.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love a rainny night...

Omaha is a pretty city...there is no denying it. Even prettier on a rainy night after the storm clears. This cell phone shot doesn't even do it justice. Happy memorial day weekend. Thanks to all of those who have served to protect this beautiful sky we see everyday and don't usually take the time to notice.

Friday, May 23, 2008

King kong

Kids gyro plate...aka heaven. year ago...

a year ago this week
we were on one of the biggest adventure of our lives.
man was japan fun but a lot of work.

dear afe or uso-
please invite us back soon.
we miss the troops.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Click here to view this photo book.

here is a cool new wedding album I made with some of my favorite wedding shots...
here is the link to a new shutterfly website i put together, check it out let me know what you think. :)

party time....excellent...

thanks for graduating from harley college kim!!
you had a great 'gathering'
any gathering with harley cookies is the gathering for me.

ms penny lane...

how i missed you so.
glad i am home to see your cute face.

15 years in the making...

new kids on the block reunion! what what!!
heck yes i was a nkotb super fan.
i still have my huge jordan buttons, jordan and joey barbie, posters, trading cards, pillowcases, etc.
can you tell jordan was my favorite?
i was obsessed.
new kids on the block birthday parties for like 5 years in a row...
complete with homemade cakes that my mom would frost with their logo and sprinkles...
slumber parties with puffy paint new kids on the block shirt hour- where we yes- decorated tiny white shirts that read 'i love jordan, i love joey, etc' except nobody ever loved donny...i clearly remember not asking for his barbie- and then promptly returning it when i received it as a gift from my grandmother.
we even have vhs videos of me singing along to them on my little brown fisher price boom box...while swinging on the swingset no less.

needless to say when i was in atlanta last week getting ready to go to my confrence and heard out of the corner of my ear- that new kids was on next on the today show...i freaked! my heart fluttered, my knees locked and sat myself in front of that tv until i heard the concert wasnt until 8:30am! i panicked my meeting started at 8:30! thank god it was only 6:30 in omaha so i texted joel and he dvr'd it. thank god for dvr.
and thank god for the new kids on the block.
they are coming to omaha in novemeber!
who wants to go?
you better believe that i will be digging through boxes at my moms house to find those 7 inch buttons!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

twitter friends

it was great meeting all of my red cross twitter friends in atlanta.
who knew there were so many of us?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally boarded!

Omaha here I come!

Congrats kim!

I hope you can get that harley davidson diploma signed soon! That sucks they forgot. We are all so proud of you! See you tommorow in KC.

The cnn tour...

Was awesome. Got to see the news room, some studios, etc... It was really cool to see the behind the scenes at their national headquarters in atlanta.

Live from cnn

Horray for cnn!

we graduated!

me, my boss nick from st. paul, and coworker kellie from peoria.

Woot woot

Thursday, May 15, 2008


A nice cool drink, pinapple and malibu, after a long day...
I will be home tommorow night late and can't wait to see my honey...
Ps- food report of the ruffie for lunch and sordfish andprime rib for dinner.

Live from the social media room

Mid america division rocks the casba! Next stop my stand up live interview!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Its like college again...studying the night before the big test...
Only this time its a mock disaster media frenzy live interview test with real reporters from nbc, cnn, etc. Then you get critiqued by pros. Im a little nervous because I have to talk about disaster services also...but im excited. I know I will nail the social media portion since I am the social media queen. Funny thing is I have been meeting all my fellow red cross twitters and they all have been recognizing me by my photo...but they all had cartoon photos and I had no idea who they were... More to come tomorrow. Night! Oh ps- we had salmon for lunch...I love this place!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of the first things I saw when I got off the plane...definitely awesome!

View from my room...

From the beautiful emory hotel. They even have rusk hair products...can it get any better? It feels like im at a resort. More to come...

Just landed in hotlanta!

Sunny and 78! Off to the hotel...
More to come

Monday, May 12, 2008

busy week...

today i did media for the ntv tri-city blood drive...
mark the anchor and kent the meteorologist both donated blood live on air while interviewing and doing the weather...pretty impressive!
pretty rad...

tomorrow i am off to atlanta for advanced public affairs and disaster training.
be back friday night.
then off to kc on saturday for kim's harley grad!
more to come from the road...