Saturday, September 29, 2007


i must love him.
nothing else could explain me spending the whole day in lincoln today at a silly football game.

...but i will have you know- i wore a blue shirt.
and it was red cross day- so that was cool.
the cheerleaders had red cross flags when they ran on the field...neat neat.

girls night...

i threw my good friend from high school jennifer (cheb) a killer bachelorette party friday night.
we started at roja for mexican food.
then went to lit a new tapas bar (smoke free- woot woot)
then somehow ended up at stumble in where she rode a bull!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

work day 3...

so far work has been great.
i just finished orientation today and start my regular 8-4:30 tomorrow! yippie!
i have been learning tons about blood.
i never knew that they separate the whole blood people donate into 4 parts.

...they just dont pump whole blood into recipients.
so if you donate your whole blood it will get separated and could possibly save three lives.

very cool.
i am going to sign up do donate very soon...maybe tomorrow.
red cross will let me donate blood on the clock- so i plan on wondering over there every 56 days for whole blood or 28 days for plasma.
..pretty neat.
anyone want to go with me?
you get to watch tv and hang out then you get a free snack afterwards!

Monday, September 24, 2007

my first day of work...

...was great!
i was greeted by my awesome marketing team (consisting of 3 people in our omaha office)
they even had a little plant for my desk to welcome me.
...and took me out to lunch at taste!
could it get any better?
i got a sweet long sleved t-shirt and red cross pin.
i already love my pr job at the red cross!
i will be working for the midwest region and rocking the pr!
next week i will be headed to st paul for a all staff regional meeting to meet my team and i can not wait!
i am very proud and excited to be working for the red cross and can't wait to tell you all about blood!
everybody get ready to donate!!

my sister started her new job as a bank teller at us bank today and my dad started his new position as assistant area sales manager for the mens department at dillard's this week! its a great week for us 'petersens' and we are very blessed!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

evan almighty...

tonight we went to see evan almighty.
it was probably one of the best movies i've seen in a long time.
maybe because i love steve carell...
maybe because i love a good funny movie with tons of animals.
maybe because i love leaving a movie feeling inspired.
i would recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good ol'laugh and good ol' bible story.

the art of hair...

as you know i love my hair girl kylie.
today i shot her salons portrait and it was a blast.
here are some of my favorite shots of the picasso's girls.
here is the link to the album.
the password is: hairspray.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

fall hair is here!

horray for the warm colors of fall!
i love new hair cuts.
i feel like im ready to take on the world now.
and the red cross next week.
rock rock!
ps- my hair girl kylie moved to picasso's.
go see her and rock out your hair, too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

reasons why im excited to start my new job...

1. i will get a chance to use my creativity to help make the world a better place.
2. i get to wear my new work clothes.
3. the marketing manager called me today and told me they want to take me out to lunch on the first day.
4. she also told me i get to go to st paul for an all staff meeting on oct 2 and 3- they were booking my airfare and hotel today...that is neat.
5. we are even closer to getting our dream house.
6. no more horrible daytime programming.
7. oh ya- and i get paychecks again!

more birthday fun...

thanks for the dwight stress ball meg and cam...along with the other rad the office stuff.

thanks mom and randy for the fun birthday lunch.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


bento boxes.
hot and sour soup.
sake bombs.
miso soup.
salads with sesame and ginger dressing.
my new birthday dress and shoes...

fun was had by all.
thanks for coming friends.
you made my birthday great.

so they say it's my birthday...

i was actually suppose to be born in august.
i decided to come 3 weeks later.
i pray when im a mom someday- i dont pull that kind of funny business...
thanks for waiting for me to come mom.

anyways i was born in tulsa, ok 24 years ago today.
my dad said when he was driving from the hospital to go get food after i was born the song 'isn't she lovely came on.' and he thought how true... (true story)

my mom remembers a nurse trying to bring her a blonde baby to feed in the hospital after i was born- and she said, nope that's not my baby- mine has brown hair...and i looked asian. luckily she got the right kid in the long run...

and she remembers watching the smurfs with me the morning after i was born.

ps: another fun fact- when my mom was pregnant with me when i would kick her belly- my dad would sing 'she's a maniac- maniac on the floor- and she's dancing like she's never danced before.'

that's where my blog title comes from- and it's one of my all time favorite songs, and after research found out it was my birth song. it was the number one song the day i was born...pretty rad.

Friday, September 14, 2007

the cutest little peanut...

ivy is the proud big sister of xavier-juda allen.
today i got to finally meet baby x, as i like to call him.
he is just as i expected...

one of the cutest, tiniest babies i have ever seen.
i cant wait to watch him grow up with ivy.

best birthday card ever...

yesterday i got the cutest birthday card from my favorite pirating pal ben.
ben is joel's cousin heidi's son.
pretty much the coolest kid ever.
he has been featured on my blog on several occasions.
he is a favorite stop on our trips to kc.
anyways i received a message the other day saying this from his mom heidi:
'ben mailed you a bday note. it will be totally illegible, but totally heartfelt. keep an eye[patch] out for it this week!'
so i have been running to the mailbox everyday looking for my heartfelt card...since i had yet to receive one in the mail yet.
so yesterday- guess what arrived?
the best birthday card ever.
in a little white envelope with a tiny skull and cross bone sticker reading 'ben' as the return label.
...a tiny manila colored card
reading 'DDSU' in stickers

perfectly cut into one crazy tiny ragged rectangular pirate map shape
folded into thirds like a crape...
taped like crazy with scotch tape-
and wait for it-
in the inside...
a secret message.

(only i know what it says)
it says
- hey girl.
ben here.
just wanted to send you a new treasure map for you to get a start on.
since you are way older than me i figured i would give you a head start.
ps- i heard its near a chic-fil-a.
oh yah- and happy birthday old pirate.
peace out-

thanks ben.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

horray horray! i got a job today!

that's right ladies and gentleman...
the red cross offered me the pr job today.
i am super excited.
i start the 24th.
and i get 24 days of paid time off in my first year...among other fab benefits. truly is the year of 24.
it is gonna be a good one.
i can tell already.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


a day i will never forget.
i was a senior in high school.
it was one of the first times i truly felt fear.
i remember honestly thinking- this is end of the world.
it is really coming.
it was such a mix of emotions.
i made a video documentary of my senior year- starting that day.
i need to get the vhs converted to dvd someday.
its pretty dramatic.
i drove around town video taping everyone lining up at the pumps.
video taped the news.
i remember thinking- this is the biggest thing my generation has ever seen.
our parents can remember vietnam.
our grandparents have korea and WWII.
we have 9-11 and now the war in iraq.
i have mixed feelings on the war.
i wish we didnt have to have them-
but i am grateful for the people that are brave enough to serve in them.
today is a day that will always weigh heavy on my mind.
it was the day-that being a senior in high school wasnt the most important thing anymore.
the day that reality sunk in.
each day is a gift.
love and be loved.


tell me that you love me more...

love this song.
love this video.
love feist.
can we please all do a dance like this for my birthday?

Monday, September 10, 2007

2nd interview...

went well today with the red cross.
i would love love love to do pr for them.
pray that if it's where im suppose to be that they know it and call me back soon!

the year of '24'

so im turning 24 on Sunday and decided this year my motto would be,
'what would jack bauer do?'

...i think he would party hard.

so join us on saturday at hiro in the party room if you can around 7pm for sushi and fine asian cuisine. i can't wait.

ps- yes joel will be at the nebraska vs usc game (but he still loves me)