Sunday, March 29, 2009

miss love

we will miss you.
we will miss your laughter after one of those stories that started with oh girl...
we will miss your hottness and amazing taste for anything fantastic and fashionable.
we will miss your perfectly glossed smile.
your beautiful face.
your wicked wigs.
most of all we will just miss you miss love.
thanks for believing in me. if I am ever rich and famous like you told me I will be some day...I still won't forget you.
cheers to the life that you shared with us... even though it wasn't quiet as long as we hoped for, we are all blessed to have known you girl. every time we go out dancing, we will save our last dance for you.
I love you and will miss you greatly natalie love.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

totally rad.

get ready for tons of fun old photos.
i went to my moms yesterday and ended up in the basement taking cover from possible tornadoes and found a ton of awesome old photos.
i thought they were way too amazing to not share.

panic at the civic...

i have had a camera in my hand since i was pretty much born.
here is proof.
last friday night at the red cross omaha beef football game i thought my new nikon d90 was as good as gone and felt like that 4 year old in the photo.
here is how it went down: we were down in the green room counting our pass the bucket money when i sat it down to help. then i went to get more help- forgetting i sat it down, because i was still carrying around my purse and camera bag. then i went to help brent load his car real quick still forgetting i didn't have my camera. by the time i got out to the car i noticed that my bag was too light, so i ran downstairs to find all of my co-workers and my camera gone!!!!
i pretty much threw up in my mouth, worked myself into a horrible panic, ran all over the civic looking for my coworkers- and none of them had it. so i continued to run and pray that some honest employee that found it in the green room took it to security. while running around like a loonie tune a security guard that i had been talking to all night (that looked like steve martin)started waving at joel to get me...
he had saw me with the camera all night and then saw it sitting there so he took it to the office and told the office manager its the red cross girls.
thank god.
thank you steve martin.
you are my hero!
you saved be from going completely manic in front of everyone at the civic.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

insane weekend of media...

this weekend was insane. here is a post i did for our chapter blog that explains why...also watch for me on fox42 and action 3 news tonight. i dont think i have had so much media ever. rockin and rollin for the red cross... its what i do...

Red Cross Responds to Three Fires in Less Than 10 Hours
17 Heartland Chapter volunteers assist 65 people after last night’s fires

Last night was a busy one for volunteers and staff at the Heartland Chapter of the American Red Cross as they responded three fires in the Omaha metro in less than 10 hours.

The night started as a celebration of Red Cross Month with volunteers and staff gathering at the Civic Auditorium for Red Cross Night with Omaha Beef Football. As the fires started many of the volunteers and staff that were there to help raise money for Red Cross disasters were called to help with Omaha’s number one disaster- apartment and house fires.

The first of the three fires started around 5:00 p.m. and was at an apartment complex on 33rd and Webster. Twelve units were damaged leaving more than 25 people displaced. The Heartland Chapter had a team of 13 volunteers and staff members there to help the families in need. Food, clothing, comfort and care were provided along with a bilingual interpreter. Six of the families also received emergency lodging.

The second fire of the evening started around 11:00 p.m. in Louisville, Neb. The single-family house fire also left a family of six displaced. The Heartland Chapter had a team of seven there to assist this family with their immediate needs of food, clothing, and emergency lodging. Six of the volunteers came almost directly from the previous fire to help out.

And just when Red Cross volunteers and staff thought that the night of fires was over they received a call around 1:45 a.m. that there was yet another 12-unit apartment fire in Bellevue at the Britain Towne Apartments. Thirty-four residents were displaced and also were assisted with emergency needs based on the damage to their apartments. A team of seven volunteers, four of whom were also at one or both of the previous fires, were there to make sure that the 12 displaced families also had their emergency needs met.

The Heartland Chapter’s Disaster Action Team are volunteers who respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the emergency needs of our community. The Red Cross is grateful for the gifts for the time, talents and money that make this possible. The Heartland Chapter would also like to thank the Loess Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross for letting them borrow their Emergency Response Vehicle to be able to respond to all of last night’s fires.

The Red Cross depends on the generous support of Omaha metro residents to respond to our neighbors who are affected by home fires. You can help the Red Cross continue to be ready to respond and help fire victims by making a financial contribution to Heartland Chapter today. To make a financial donation, visit, call 402.343.7700, or mail a check to 2912 S. 80th Ave, Omaha, NE 68124.

Click here to see an awesome story KETV-ABC did featuring shots of our Disaster Action Team volunteers on the scene this Friday. You can also read a story about our busy weekend here on the Omaha World-Herald website.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i got mine...

and we shall have a wicked good time...
now if only i could get tickets for them...

then i could die a happy girl in may.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Main Entry:
Inflected Form(s):
busi·er; busi·est
Middle English bisy, from Old English bisig; akin to Middle Dutch & Middle Low German besich busy
before 12th century

1 a: engaged in action : occupied b: being in use, found the telephone busy
2: full of activity : bustling, a busy seaport
3: foolishly or intrusively active : meddling
4: full of distracting detail, a busy design

\ˈbi-zə-lē\ adverb
— busy·ness
\ˈbi-zē-nəs\ noun
synonyms busy , industrious , diligent , assiduous , sedulous mean actively engaged or occupied. busy chiefly stresses activity as opposed to idleness or leisure, too busy to spend time with the children. industrious implies characteristic or habitual devotion to work,industrious employees. diligent suggests earnest application to some specific object or pursuit,very diligent in her pursuit of a degree. assiduous stresses careful and unremitting application, assiduous practice. sedulous implies painstaking and persevering application, a sedulous investigation of the murder.

i have basically been busy...
that's why my creative blogs have been lacking.
more to come.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

viva las pictures.

we ate.
we drank.
we shopped.
we shoved a little money into slot machines.
we got tattoos.
we saw a show.
we sat by the pool.
we saw friends.
we soaked up the sun.
we rocked vegas!