Tuesday, March 24, 2009

panic at the civic...

i have had a camera in my hand since i was pretty much born.
here is proof.
last friday night at the red cross omaha beef football game i thought my new nikon d90 was as good as gone and felt like that 4 year old in the photo.
here is how it went down: we were down in the green room counting our pass the bucket money when i sat it down to help. then i went to get more help- forgetting i sat it down, because i was still carrying around my purse and camera bag. then i went to help brent load his car real quick still forgetting i didn't have my camera. by the time i got out to the car i noticed that my bag was too light, so i ran downstairs to find all of my co-workers and my camera gone!!!!
i pretty much threw up in my mouth, worked myself into a horrible panic, ran all over the civic looking for my coworkers- and none of them had it. so i continued to run and pray that some honest employee that found it in the green room took it to security. while running around like a loonie tune a security guard that i had been talking to all night (that looked like steve martin)started waving at joel to get me...
he had saw me with the camera all night and then saw it sitting there so he took it to the office and told the office manager its the red cross girls.
thank god.
thank you steve martin.
you are my hero!
you saved be from going completely manic in front of everyone at the civic.

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