Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family reunion

Phase 10+

prayers that gustav goes home...

everyone please say a prayer that hurricane gustav goes the heck home.
my dear friend stephanie aka officer horak in new orleans is gearing up to serve her city today- as she went on duty with her bags packed to do whatever needs to be done to get people out of her city and kept safe.
she said it is pretty crazy seeing the town empty out and get boarded up.
katrina is what brought steph down to new orleans when she moved there 2 years ago to help rebuild the city with campus crusade for christ...then she feel in love with the city and decided to join the police academy and look at her now!
officer horak to save the day!
im so proud of her and that she stays while others run.
everyone please say some prayers for her and her city.
pray that gustav turns himself around and goes home.
pray that the looters mama's make them leave town or that their trucks breakdown.
pray that angels protect those in blue and the whole city.
pray that the red cross can be there to serve those who need it.
pray that people take this storm seriously and get out of town.

thanks for being my hero steph!
love ya girl!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


why do you try to even recreate a master piece cw?
i dont care if jennie garth is in it (as a guidance counselor)
i dont think that today's teenie boppers deserve to hang out at the peach pit.