Sunday, August 17, 2008

moving weekend!

we closed on the house friday morning at 9am and then proceeded to move in immediately.
thanks to everyone who helped us move!
mom-thanks for getting us the uhaul truck, making us yummy lunch, staying all day and night and helping us with everything in-between.
dad-thanks for driving all the way up from oklahoma to be there for our big day! thanks for picking up the washer and dryer, bringing the awesome lasagna and cheesecake and helping us all weekend.
cindy-thanks for coming up from kc and helping get things put in their place!
randy-thanks for bringing the bakers rack and helping us get the table set up.
josh-thanks for coming early and getting the truck loaded!
kyle-thanks for your muscles. you are the power team.
cameron- thanks for all your man power and bringing kevin.
kevin- thanks for coming even though we didnt even know you.
linsey-thanks for helping unload the truck and thanks for letting us borrow your bed and then setting it up.
kathy- thanks for helping set up the bed with linsey.
megan-thanks for coming to eat! haha.

by the afternoon the apartment was empty and we were all moved in! how we had all of this stuff in that tiny apartment is beyond me...
we met a bunch of our neighbors and they are all soo nice! i think they said we have 17 kids on our street! i love it!
that night we got a bunch of things put in their places and then attempted to sleep.
the funny thing is that i was too excited to sleep.
i feel asleep finally around 2am and then woke up at 7am! crazy!

saturday we got up bright and early and then went to the store to get some fun homeowner things. you know trashcans, a power drill, ceiling fan, a new vacuum, goodies.
that afternoon and night i shot a wedding downtown at the magnolia downtown. it was the prettiest wedding i have shot probably. it was outside in the courtyard and the weather was perfect. i left at 10pm and was pooped! came home had some dinner and watched joel water the yard with a beer in the american dream he said.

today we woke up early and we took my dad to upstream for brunch and then experienced an amazing food coma. then mom and randy came over, dad ventured back to ok and brent and becky also came over to check out the house.

we took a nap this afternoon and woke up to the doorbell ringing. kyle stopped by to see how things turned out and to hang.

tonight we got some more laundry done, ran to target and are relaxing before another busy week. 1.5 days until nyc!

pictures of the house to come tomorrow when i get more things done!

ps- penny loves all this space to run free!!

pps- housewarming/danelle turns a quarter of a century old party on sept 20. make your calendars now! (its the only weekend without a home husker game- dont worry)

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Katie said...

That's amazing! Congratulations!