Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nyc day one wrap up...

Car came at 330 am to take us to the airport.
There was a mouse on our plane in omaha so we were a tiny bit delayed. Laid over in atlanta got to nyc around noon. A car came to pick us up to the studio. Girls went to hair and makeup and wardrobe came with some interesting choices. We got it all worked out eventually and we went around the city to film. We met up with the french pop triplet boy group trintity. They were funny...anyways we went to tour the empire state buliding and we got the vip treatment! Got to cut everyone in line it was awesome. We then had our very own double decker bus pick us up and take us all over. We went to were the trade centers were, times square, south st seaport, and by everything inbetween! It was a blast. We even had some great nyc pizza on the bus. On our way back to the hotel we saw them filming A night at the museum 2 right by our hotel! We are going to find ben stiller and owen wilson tomorrow. We then got back to our room to find 2 twinbeds and that they messed up our reservations...and the place is booked of course. We are so tired we don't care. The brought us 2 cots and so now our tiny room is packed wall to wall with beds. Pray I start to feel better as I have the cold from hell and its no fun.
Tomorrow we get to move to a new room and tour the city again!

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Linsey said...

sounds like you are having such an awesome time!!! minus the tiny beds, and the cold....keep me updated!! Wish I was there!