Tuesday, August 05, 2008

packing up this place...

last night we started packing boxes.
we started with the living room.
what a hot mess disaster. ugh.
so as if we dont have enough in our tiny 600 sq ft apartment- i wanted to add more for fun. i figured we only have 10 more days why not live it up in the most hot mess disaster style ever!
see friends-today i found an ikea sofa on craigslist that i just had to have to go with my other craigslist ikea furniture pictured below.

i called them pronto after waiting too long last week and loosing 2 ikea chairs.
they said that they still had the sofa- but someone was coming to look at it after work...we just happened to show up before the other people with cash in hand and by george we got it complete with storage ottoman all for $550!! (the seller bought for $1400 last august he said)

so here are some amazing pictures of us trying to figure out how to squeeze it into our tiny tiny apartment.

yes that is penny hiding and yes that is a sofa fort complete with tiffany's and mikasa crystal inside and petey the penguin on top sporting penny's mexico sombaro! fancy! 9 days!!!

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Jimmy said...

I love that couch. I wanted one similar to that. Oh Penny...don't pack her in a box!