Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nyc day 3 wrap-up...

First off sorry for the crazy postings with sideways posting mobily from my cell phone.
Anyways today started off at 5am in a limo full of triplets and twins. The show filmed at 10:30 am and I sat right in the front row. It was amazing! The girls and all of the multiples did great! Maury was also great dressed in head to toe black just like johnny cash. The crew were all so awesome and we had a total blast meeting everyone. We got to hang with carmen and camille from canada (had a song on the hills), the brettain twins from idol, 2 too cute who were 8 year old twin rapper girls who were 2 too cute literally! We also met the tap dancing target ad twins shawn and john. The were also amazing! And then our favs the french sensation 3nity who were awesome and we want to tour europe with. After the show we went back to the hotel to take the best nap ever! We then rode the subway to canel street to chinatown and we found some amazing finds! Then onto little italy for dinner at benito 2. I got the most amazing shrimp alla maranara and red wine. We even met the owner we think. The cutest italian older man...he told us jokes and pinched my cheeks, on my face haha, and called me darling. We then got gellato, while in little italy right? Then caught 3 trains home and watched sex and the city! I love this city I really do. We will explore more tomorrow and then I will fly home tomorrow night.

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