Friday, August 22, 2008

home again home again...

jigity jig.
i am home!
my sinuses are about to implode- but i am home.
more to come this weekend.

nyc day 4 wrap up:
i woke up early and went exploring on my own while the girls were sleeping.
i walked down to magnolia bakery and had a cupcake for breakfast, then walked by central park down to the museum of natural history. that was great! nice and quiet for a change! haha.
then i met the girls for lunch at a little italian joint by our hotel in the upper west side. it sure hit the spot.
then we took a ride through major traffic to the airport in style!
and i just got home to my new house and its a great feeling to know i can sleep in my own bed tonight!
woot woot.
thanks for the fun nyc.

oh ps- andrew wk had it totally right.
I love New York City
Oh yeah, New York City
I love New York City
Oh yeah, New York City

(sorry there was no video, look up the song and jam out!)

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