Sunday, August 03, 2008

trying to save some lives...

im no super hero, but when i can i try to save three lives by donating blood.
i have been deferred from donating my whole life, including a few times in the past year. this means i have never gotten the chance to try to donate...which really disappoints me because i know how bad the blood is needed.
time number 1 this year: i was deferred because i was in south korea last summer. this deferred me for 1 year.
time number 2 this year: i tried to donate right after my year was up and i was deferred because i had a high pulse and fever...darn it! sooo close.
so i decided to try and donate again on friday.
i made it through the screening and health history...thank God i didnt go into the jungle in mexico or that would have been another year deferral.
im in the chair and they look at my arms and say wow you have some tricky veins... but they give it a try anyways.
not to discourage others from donating but things didn't seem to work out on this donation appointment, which i know can happen from time to time.
when they finally got my vein a going it wasnt going fast enough so they just had to take it out before i got my pint done.
oh well- at least i tried and at least im good at getting donors in the door with my media here for one of my interviews about our vonmaur blood drive.
i will try again soon and hope to report a successful donation someday soon.

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Jeff Jewkes said...

The last time I donated blood I passed out!! Cute blog. . . I like the "wallpaper" background. :)