Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy birthday grandpa hot rod...

this weekend we celebrate my adorable grandpa's 80th birthday.
never in my life have i met a sweeter man.
he truly lights up a room with his big ol' smile and sweet spirit.

i learned something cool about my grandpa this weekend.
the photo above is so priceless that it will be soon blown up and hung on my wall.
its my grandpa and his buddy 'shep' out for a cruise.
my grandpa is in the drivers seat with the rad ball cap flipped up.

i asked him about that hat and his response was, "it was the cat's meow. anyone who was cool back then- flipped their cap like that when they cruised."

it was then that i learned that people use to call him rod.
as in hot rod. (his name is robert so its not too far off)

his favorite car was the brand new 1950's chevy he saved up for by driving cattle, beans and corn wherever they would send him. he said he could get $16 to drive cattle from farnhamville to omaha...that's a lot of trips to get a $1,500 car in those days.

his face lit up when i asked him about that blue chevy.
i asked him how fast he went.
he chuckled and said, "fast... i suppose around 100."

i think i will call him grandpa hot rod from now on.
happy birthday grandpa you are a true classic to me. :)