Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dear alabama,

your people have stolen my heart.

when i first blew in after the tornado that demolished most of tuscaloosa i was completely overwhelmed. i didnt know where to begin with what i was seeing and hearing...but it didnt take long for me to see that your people were full of hope and that i wasnt there to help them- but they were there to help me.

help me to see the goodness that still remains in life after ruins.
the joy in the little things.
the hope that comes from strangers.

unless you have been in the shoes (or lack of shoes) you can't relate to their complete loss.
i have heard stories of families flying through tornadoes that i will never forget.
stories of survival, endurance and blessings.

the people of the south have an incredible spirit.
i would ask people how they were everyday and they would simply say, 'blessed.'

but the truth is the people of alabama blessed me.
they have taught me to appreciate every minute of every day and every person in it.

they have been through so much and i tear up thinking of my new friends i made in that red cross shelter in alabama.

mothers, fathers, grandmothers, red cross staff and volunteers and my favorite- the kids. the kind little souls who daily hugged me and told me they loved me.

alabama your people have stolen my heart and i'm glad they did.
i hope to come back soon to visit my many new friends.

the photo above is one of my new APAT bff' daphne holding her little friend jaquan. the first time he saw her he told her, 'you look like the movies.' that's when i knew we were in trouble. :)

you can see my photos and others from the tornado in AL here.

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