Wednesday, May 30, 2007

japan day 8

today we woke up and got breakfast again. breakfast burritos were on sale today and very delicious.

packed up and headed out to the airport to fly from misawa to tokyo and then took a 1.5 hour bus ride to camp fuji.

we stopped at a mc donald's that was under the freeway on the way. zach got some crazy big mac with an egg and bacon on it. he said it was gross.

we finally got to camp fuji usmc base around 7pm and quickly got ready for the show at the roadhouse on base. the show was set for 7:30 so when we showed up we already had a crowd waiting for us.

it is a really nice medium size venue with a big stage, disco lights and banging sound system.

the crowd was awesome and we really had a blast performing for these marines! the band rocked- one of my favorite shows.

tomorrow we are off to yokota air force base for another fun day on the bus!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

japan day 7

today we woke up at 9am and all went for breakfast at the cafe.

last night i forgot to mention how awesome the weather is here at misawa.
it's in the 70's in the day maybe, but at night 60's! such a relief from the 90% humidity that okinawa had for us.

anyways after breakfast- josh, zach, missy, joel, kyle and i all took a walk around base and to the bx.
i found some killer hot pink and black adidas sneakers for half off and some cool souvenirs. the boys got new psp games and other boy things.

after that we walked back and got ready for a sound check.
our van came to get us around 12 and we went to the venue to check it out.
it was very even had chandlers!

we had a nice lunch there then got our pa and equipment set up and did a sound check.
i think we were all a bit delirious and tired but that wasn't stopping us.
the girls and i ran to the bx to get some last minute make up for the show (no tax rocks) and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the show.

we all met up at 6:30 and got to the venue for an awesome asian buffet dinner complete with sushi and ramon noodles made to order. it was perfect.

the show started at 8 and the crowd was small but mighty. we had a great time. the people on misawa were super cool and loved the show.

tomorrow is a 11:30am lobby call and we have a flight to camp fuji were we actually have a show tomorrow night at 7:30. it will be a very busy day i know!

pray this room has internet- because it's hard to get into these wifi hot spots so late at night when all i want to do is sleep.