Saturday, May 26, 2007

day 4- the first show day cliffnotes version

because it's late and im tired tonight we get cliff notes.

slept till 8:30am.
band practice.
lobby call was at 1pm.
one hour drive to camp schwab marine base.
sound check at 2:15pm.

back on bus at 3:30pm.
home at 4:30pm.
get ready for show.
back on bus at 5:30pm.
dinner at 6pm at the globe and anchor at camp foster.
back on bus at 7pm to drive back to the camp schwab festival.
arrive at camp schwab 8pm.
awesome backstage spread thanks to my awesome backstage rider.

show at 9pm for rowdy- young- drunk- marine boys.

sorry for the bad sound quality i was in bad spot behind the speakers.
autographs at 10pm.

back on bus at 11pm.
home around 12pm.

...and tomorrow we do it all again.
this time not until 5pm, so we have some exploring to do.

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