Sunday, May 27, 2007

japan day 5-part 1

today we woke up around 9am and all went to brunch at macaroni grill because its the only place we can walk to.
then zach, joel, kyle, josh and i went exploring.
we hoped in two taxis and went to chatan town which was what they call okinwawa's california.
we went to sunset beach there and did some shopping.
we also went to mihama american village...which is ironically all americanized. every store had american clothes like hollister, a&f, banana republic all mixed in.
this one store had a used clothing store upstairs will tons of old american t-shirts. we found a few huskers shirts and one omaha lancer's shirt. what are the odds?
we also saw the giant coca-cola ferris wheel that was pretty impressive.
the local's love that place...hardly saw one other tourist.
we also found a club sega- that was a huge arcade. we all jumped in this huge crazy photo booth and got our picture taken. it was a blast! very hot but fun! it's in the 80's but the humidity here is like 90% so it feels like a jungle.

(how funny is that- my blog name...kind of)

now we are back at the hotel and getting ready for dinner and the second show tonight at camp schwab festival.

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Kim said...

Keep the pictures commin', we don't miss you so much, because we can still see you every day. Love you guys!