Monday, May 28, 2007

japan day 6

today we woke up at 9am and did some laundry, packed and checked out of our beautiful hotel at 11am.

1 hour bus ride to naha airport. 2 hour flight to tokyo. 1 hour flight to misawa air force base. finally landed around 7pm. the airport had one terminal and was tiny! all of our luggage took up the whole carousel.

we then loaded all of our stuff into four small vans, because the 2 ton trucks keys were m.i.a.

since the airstrip was like on base, we literally only had to drive for like 5 mins to our hotel.

the place is really nice, we have a kitchen with a oven, microwave, full size fridge, queen bed, living room with a love seat and pull out sofa... but no internet so we are at this 24 hour cafe on base, because its memorial day and nothing else is opened.

tomorrow is 12pm lobby call for practice and sound check. show at 8pm.

pictures to come tomorrow because i dont have the camera cord here.

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