Wednesday, May 16, 2007

what a week...

i cant hardly believe its almost time to go already.
i have been counting down for months and the time has come.
lists have been made, tickets and orders have arrived, laundry has been done and the suitcase is about to be packed.

my new job is going very well.
i actually have my first event tomorrow, movie night at our own theater here at biltmore. we will have an ice cream buffet before and show music and lyrics at 7pm.
im excited because i get to sleep in and dont have to be into corporate until 1pm. then back to the property from 3pm-until the events over.
if it's sunny i might even layout by the pool before going to work.

yes i know, its crazy to have an event this soon- i started two days ago.
i hit the ground running with this job.
literally was on the 6 north properties I will be planning events for after my first hour at work on monday. i filled out my w-4 and jumped in my car. i met all of the property managers- very young and nice and excited to have some parties again!

i spent most of yesterday and today planning and writing proposals for 6 pool parties. my favorite is of course the pirate pool party. but i will be having some country hoedowns and greek island parties. im proposing pina colata and margarita machines and my favorite dj- glenn lewis (my wedding dj).

i think im going to love this job.

thanks big guy in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Fun pirate stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and congratulations on your new job! It sounds like a perfect fit.

Katie said...

That sounds like a dream!