Wednesday, May 09, 2007

new job!!!

today i had an interview with the richdale group at 11am for an activities director position.

the recruiter and i hit it off and when it came to the part 'when can you start'

i calmly told her when i return from japan...


she just happens to be the proud mother of twins and organized the multiples club in nebraska and knows the triplets from the events!

she was super excited for us and went from telling me minutes earlier that they had other interviews this week and yada yada to- hey lets call up the regional manager now and see what she thinks.

so she called her in the middle of our interview- but she was at lunch. she said she wanted me to talk with her and she would call me when she got a hold of her.

20 minutes after i left the interview she called me up and said i told her about the tour and she said it shouldn't be an issue. she wants to meet you today what does your schedule look like.

im like completely opened- what time?

3:45pm, just a few short hours after my first interview!

so i got all dressed up and went back ready to dominate.

fast forward and i'm meeting with the regional manager and she is firing questions at me left and right. trying to play hard ball and see what im made of.

by the middle of the interview i have this lady laughing and playing around with me. she even asked if she could call me dani, because danelle is so official.

she said she could tell i was savy and she wanted me for the job!! she just has to check some references and we should be in business. she asked how much money i wanted. i pitched her a high number and she said she should be able to make that happen.

she wants me to start planning events for june-dec and then when i get home i can start.

best part- we live in the biltmore where i will be planning events for along with 2 other luxury apartment complexes in i get tax free rent after 90 days (which will save us like 30% they said)...and i can walk to my office...and non traditional hours on event days- like 12-7pm.

did i mention i get to plan and attend parties on other peoples money for a living!?!

(those pictures are of my apartment complex where i will be hosting these parties)

ps- i heard the pools are getting that new water treatment that is like salt water. no chlorine! it feels like you are swimming in silk!! its super cool- my cousin's pool in dallas had it and i fell in love with it last summer! i can't wait for the pool to open on the 15th hopefully! who wants to come lay out?