Friday, May 04, 2007


Dōmo Arigatō

japanese for: thank you very much.

today i decided to learn some japanese.
podcasts are the way to go people.
they are free and even offer little lesson plan pdf's you can print off.
i did it before we went to france and learned a lil french and now am learning some survival phrases like:

Kudasai・く� さい・下さい - Please
Onegai shimasu・おねがいします・お願いします - Please
Dōmo・どうも - Thank you, Hi, Excuse Me, and many more
Dōmo Arigatō・どうもありがとう・どうも有り難う - Thank you very much.
Hai・はい - Yes
Iie・いいえ - No
Sumimasen・すみません - Excuse Me
Daijōbu・� いじょうぶ・大丈夫- alright, okay, all serene (for all the Brits out there), no problem
Dame・� め・駄目- Not okay, don't, not good.
Tako・たこ・蛸- Octopus (tako・たこ also has the meaning of kite and is slang for sucka)
Maguro・まぐろ・鮪- Tuna
Uni・うに・海� �- Sea Urchin
O-susume onegai shimasu・おすすめおねがいします・お進めお願いします- Your recommendation please. The house special please.
Irasshaimase・いらっしゃいませ- Hello! Welcome! May I help you?
Irasshai・いらっしゃい- Hello! Welcome! Come on in.

19 days and i can put these phrases to good use!

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