Friday, May 25, 2007

japan day 2-but day 3 of the tour...

today started at 6:30am-yes i went to sleep around 3am...i'm crazy.
got down to the lobby around 7:15am to meet the girls.
jazmin came to pick us up with a huge charter bus- for the four of us.

she took us to our radio interview with the armed force network radio station wave 89fm. thanks for the fun time sammy.

from there we had a few extra minutes and wanted some food and the driver jose, recommended the bowling ally. he said we had to eat now- and taste later...the marine motto i guess...they had delicious breakfasts!! thanks for the idea jose.

so from there we went to meet the guys and gals at marine base futenma.

we got a briefing from the fella who runs the base, ltcol stewart of the usmc, and a full tour including the radar room, flight tower, hangers and a huge c-130 cargo plane that is the oldest one in the u.s. fleet. it flew in the vietnam war and we got to sit in the cockpit. we drove all around the arm strip and saw triple layer tropical forests and were there are old sacred tombs and caves.

the girls even met a troop with triplets of his own. they were so cute.

from there we went to have lunch with our host at the habu pit on base...where all the marines eat. we had mongolian bbq. it was great!

we then drove back to the hotel and got back around 1pm. i immediately called the front desk and arranged a shuttle for us to the beach.

that showed up at 1:30pm and zach, mandy, josh, joel, kyle and i headed to the most beautiful beach- most of us had seen. it was kyle's first and he was in heaven. the water was very green and very pretty. we took a dip in the ocean, got some shells.

then we found a mall. it had very interesting shops. our favorite was the 100 yen store. that is the japanese dollar store. some good finds there.

we then proceeded to walk down the road and check out okinawa. we found some cute little cars, a nathan's hotdog cart, and some american import stores.

for there we got a taxi and headed back onto camp foster and showered.

i figured out finally that i could disconnect the ethernet cable on the desktop computer in our room and hook up to my laptop.

joel, kyle and i walked next door to the macaroni grill and had a delicious dinner and are getting ready for some last minute acoustic drum practice.

im exhausted after only having 4 hours of sleep last night and am gonna call it a day i think at 7:45pm.

hugs and kisses from okinawa...our first show is tomorrow at camp schwab- get ready for some fun.

here are some pictures of our rooms..kyle's room is ajoining to ours.

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