Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the busy day before the busiest day...

my day:
woke up at 9am.
went to meet the girls at 'b 'be yourself boutique at 10am so they could get the free outfits i had called and worked out weeks ago.

did phone interview with the omaha world herald- look for that tomorrow.
went to get hair dyed at 11:30- thanks kylie at dolce'

went to get a much needed massage at 1pm.
turned back on the cell phone and called the owh for last fact checking.
meet the girls for kptm interview at 2:30.

band practice all day.

ate pizza.
more to come tomorrow...


Jimmy said...

i'm going to miss you! have fun! be safe!

Katie said...

Good for you working the hook-ups and press!