Saturday, May 05, 2007

oh the difference a year makes...

a year ago today i graduated from uno with some of my best friends.
look at us now.
one got married to her best friend and is getting ready to tour asia.
one got a new puppy and a few new jobs.
one got a rockin new car and drove it across the united states for love.
one moved to north dakota to be a big time writer.
one moved to flordia and came back to work with boyscouts.
one is still a pursuing being a rockstar.
and the one showed us the world is headed back to london again this month.

half of us are unemployed and loving it.
and the other half of us is working (some more than one job) and loving it most days.

life is good with friends.
waaaasaaiiil! (a toast we did in london)

-ps- somehow i missed my year blogger anniversary.
it was april 17th.
here's to another year of happy blogs from this maniac.

1 comment:

Katie said...

I love everything about it!

p.s. i had to give my puppy away
:( :( :(

He is living on a farm 2.5 hours away with his grandma and grandpa.