Sunday, August 10, 2008

making a party & dancing with the music...

yes that is what happens 'when you assemble the disco light, in accordance with the instructions given below' says the directions to my new disco light that was made in china.
1. gently take out the two disco hemispheres, disco base, bulb and screws from the color box while prepare a screwdriver.
2.aim at the whorl of two disco hemispheres and fasten whorl forcibly, meantime fasten the two disco hemispems.
3. use the screwdriver to locate two disco hemispheres with seven screws to form a ball.
4. locate the new bulb with 102v e12 25w, then screw the ball into the base.
5. plug the power supply, check if the bulb is working properly. if not, please replace other bulb and assembly in reverse order or check the internal motor to make sure light bulb is securely attached.
please contact your local dealer for light blub.
haha i love engrish.
and my new disco light ball.
it is pretty much the most amazing thing ever when combined with dancing and music.
more to come from disco dance party basement in our new house!

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Linsey said...

I love to make a party