Sunday, March 29, 2009

miss love

we will miss you.
we will miss your laughter after one of those stories that started with oh girl...
we will miss your hottness and amazing taste for anything fantastic and fashionable.
we will miss your perfectly glossed smile.
your beautiful face.
your wicked wigs.
most of all we will just miss you miss love.
thanks for believing in me. if I am ever rich and famous like you told me I will be some day...I still won't forget you.
cheers to the life that you shared with us... even though it wasn't quiet as long as we hoped for, we are all blessed to have known you girl. every time we go out dancing, we will save our last dance for you.
I love you and will miss you greatly natalie love.

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Linda said...

I don't know if Natalie ever talked about her childhood in the old Cathedral neighborhood or not. Natalie was my best friend in grade school and you will smile knowing that even back then she was a fashion diva. My mom just happened to see her passing in the paper this morning and called to tell me about Natalie. I was rushing out the door and I stopped to cry and think about times we had together and instantly I had this memory of eating snack pack puddings after school while dancing to the Ohio players album. Somehow I imagine she might doing the same right now in a much brighter and nicer place :) thanks for caring and writing , Peace
Linda from the old block