Friday, September 14, 2007

best birthday card ever...

yesterday i got the cutest birthday card from my favorite pirating pal ben.
ben is joel's cousin heidi's son.
pretty much the coolest kid ever.
he has been featured on my blog on several occasions.
he is a favorite stop on our trips to kc.
anyways i received a message the other day saying this from his mom heidi:
'ben mailed you a bday note. it will be totally illegible, but totally heartfelt. keep an eye[patch] out for it this week!'
so i have been running to the mailbox everyday looking for my heartfelt card...since i had yet to receive one in the mail yet.
so yesterday- guess what arrived?
the best birthday card ever.
in a little white envelope with a tiny skull and cross bone sticker reading 'ben' as the return label.
...a tiny manila colored card
reading 'DDSU' in stickers

perfectly cut into one crazy tiny ragged rectangular pirate map shape
folded into thirds like a crape...
taped like crazy with scotch tape-
and wait for it-
in the inside...
a secret message.

(only i know what it says)
it says
- hey girl.
ben here.
just wanted to send you a new treasure map for you to get a start on.
since you are way older than me i figured i would give you a head start.
ps- i heard its near a chic-fil-a.
oh yah- and happy birthday old pirate.
peace out-

thanks ben.

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SAHM I am! said...

that whole treasure hunt at the pirate park paid off :) glad you got the MIBL [most important bday letter]! i'll show this to ben after school - !

and congrats on the job and all the other great 24s that are waiting for you this year!

happy bday!