Tuesday, September 11, 2007


a day i will never forget.
i was a senior in high school.
it was one of the first times i truly felt fear.
i remember honestly thinking- this is end of the world.
it is really coming.
it was such a mix of emotions.
i made a video documentary of my senior year- starting that day.
i need to get the vhs converted to dvd someday.
its pretty dramatic.
i drove around town video taping everyone lining up at the pumps.
video taped the news.
i remember thinking- this is the biggest thing my generation has ever seen.
our parents can remember vietnam.
our grandparents have korea and WWII.
we have 9-11 and now the war in iraq.
i have mixed feelings on the war.
i wish we didnt have to have them-
but i am grateful for the people that are brave enough to serve in them.
today is a day that will always weigh heavy on my mind.
it was the day-that being a senior in high school wasnt the most important thing anymore.
the day that reality sunk in.
each day is a gift.
love and be loved.

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