Monday, September 24, 2007

my first day of work...

...was great!
i was greeted by my awesome marketing team (consisting of 3 people in our omaha office)
they even had a little plant for my desk to welcome me.
...and took me out to lunch at taste!
could it get any better?
i got a sweet long sleved t-shirt and red cross pin.
i already love my pr job at the red cross!
i will be working for the midwest region and rocking the pr!
next week i will be headed to st paul for a all staff regional meeting to meet my team and i can not wait!
i am very proud and excited to be working for the red cross and can't wait to tell you all about blood!
everybody get ready to donate!!

my sister started her new job as a bank teller at us bank today and my dad started his new position as assistant area sales manager for the mens department at dillard's this week! its a great week for us 'petersens' and we are very blessed!


Jimmy said...

yay for new jobs!

Katie said...

Hooray for great first days! And for Taste. Where's your office?

Danelle The PR Girl... said...

132 and dodge!
woot woot!

Linsey said...

yay!! I'm so happy for you!