Wednesday, September 26, 2007

work day 3...

so far work has been great.
i just finished orientation today and start my regular 8-4:30 tomorrow! yippie!
i have been learning tons about blood.
i never knew that they separate the whole blood people donate into 4 parts.

...they just dont pump whole blood into recipients.
so if you donate your whole blood it will get separated and could possibly save three lives.

very cool.
i am going to sign up do donate very soon...maybe tomorrow.
red cross will let me donate blood on the clock- so i plan on wondering over there every 56 days for whole blood or 28 days for plasma.
..pretty neat.
anyone want to go with me?
you get to watch tv and hang out then you get a free snack afterwards!

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

so strange how i knew about the blood...maybe I SHOULD WORK THERE?

hm....good idea i'd say.