Monday, May 26, 2008

red cross ready...

ok guys i am totally going to dork out now...
ever since i have came home from disaster training i have disasters on the mind- and its hard to forget with tornadoes, earthquakes and cyclones happening everyday all over our states, country and world.

ok so working for the red cross we preach preparation.
people we need to take this prepared or be sorry.

* Get a Kit
* Make a Plan
* Be Informed

ok and part of being prepared is knowing that in the event of a disaster the red cross offers an amazing program called safe and well

basically, if you are in a disaster and have one call you can make- call someone to tell them you are ok and then have them register you online on the red cross website at the safe and well page so everyone else will know you are well... safe and well.

there is also a list of options you can leave to let people know where you are, thats you will call when able, etc.

pretty easy but a lot of people dont know about this service. its free and can really mean a lot when you cant find your loved ones.

you just need a name, a pre-disaster address and phone number to register and find your loved ones. easy smeasy.

ok enough of me being a dork.
but seriously guys take time to be prepared.
i have a feeling with the weather the way its been lately we all should be ready.

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