Saturday, May 31, 2008

sex and the city movie

two words:
loved it
i will watch it again.
probably like a million savor every moment again.
i laughed- i cried- i loved every minute of it!
...funniest part: i went to meet my friend meghan there and she got stuck at work. so i was sitting there as the movies starts and am like...humm i wonder where she is? did i miss her when i came in? i was so confused...then she called and said she got stuck in the meeting, im so sorry. im like, im not leaving sorry. haha. first time i have been to a movie by myself. but- honestly it doesnt matter i had to see it friday and i didnt care how.
1:30 in the afternoon by myself with a theater full of fans.
good enough for me.
ps- new favorite song from the movie: fergie- lables or love

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