Monday, May 19, 2008

15 years in the making...

new kids on the block reunion! what what!!
heck yes i was a nkotb super fan.
i still have my huge jordan buttons, jordan and joey barbie, posters, trading cards, pillowcases, etc.
can you tell jordan was my favorite?
i was obsessed.
new kids on the block birthday parties for like 5 years in a row...
complete with homemade cakes that my mom would frost with their logo and sprinkles...
slumber parties with puffy paint new kids on the block shirt hour- where we yes- decorated tiny white shirts that read 'i love jordan, i love joey, etc' except nobody ever loved donny...i clearly remember not asking for his barbie- and then promptly returning it when i received it as a gift from my grandmother.
we even have vhs videos of me singing along to them on my little brown fisher price boom box...while swinging on the swingset no less.

needless to say when i was in atlanta last week getting ready to go to my confrence and heard out of the corner of my ear- that new kids was on next on the today show...i freaked! my heart fluttered, my knees locked and sat myself in front of that tv until i heard the concert wasnt until 8:30am! i panicked my meeting started at 8:30! thank god it was only 6:30 in omaha so i texted joel and he dvr'd it. thank god for dvr.
and thank god for the new kids on the block.
they are coming to omaha in novemeber!
who wants to go?
you better believe that i will be digging through boxes at my moms house to find those 7 inch buttons!

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