Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Picture Share! My first mobile neat.

This is me and miss penny lane petersen-schlegelmilch. you may ask why would one lil cat need such a long name? well it's kind of a funny story. see i wanted a kitten for quiet some time. i couldn't have one plain and simple when i lived in the dorms. so when i moved out and my roommates moved out on me and i was lonely mr joel schlegelmilch, my love, who claims he hates/is allergic to cats breaks down and buys me a kitten for valentines day. but not just any old kitten. a kitten i found online at the lavender hills animal shelter in bancroft nebraska. yes that sounds crazy i know but out of the hundreds of pets online i saw her lil face and had to have her. she was just too cute. so we arranged to get her to omaha and i got her. and the rest was history. but since me and joel aren't married and well she had to have a last name i decided to hyphenate it. here is us the day we met. it was a cold and rainy sunday night feb 12, 2005.

ps- every summer she never fails to bite and kill our pool floaty beds. boo, penny. boo.

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