Friday, June 23, 2006

Somewhere under the rainbow...

...You will find my pot of gold.
Mr. Joel Schlegelmilch.
No middle name.
His dad thought the last name was long enough.
We have decided if he were to have a middle name it would be Leon.
Leon is a good name.
So back to my treasure.

Mr. Joel Schlegelmilch.
The sweetest boy, a girl who loves candy, could find.
How could I be so lucky to find someone who loves so many of the things I love?
Wes Anderson films.
Rock and Roll.
Pizza with Thousand Island Dressing.
Al Green.
Snack Packs.
Camping at Rock and Roll Festivals.
Lemon Lime Gatorade.
Looking at the stars.
Cruising around town to smooth jazz.
The list really goes on and on.

The point being I love him and he loves me.
And we found each other because we were made to love each other.
He is my treasure.
Mr. Joel Schlegelmilch is my pot of gold.

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molly said...

that seriously made me tear up...