Thursday, June 08, 2006

My life unemployed...

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Being unemployed...

At first it was scary. I mean come on, I graduate leave for Europe two days later, spend the few dollars, pounds and euros I had. The thought of coming home and not having a job made me feel sick, but that's life.

I figured come on; I'm in Europe and having the time of my life...who needs a job or money. Maybe I can become a pirate for a living...

Anyways, I'm on the way home thinking I’m totally broke, but looking darn good in my new velour koi fish embroidered outfit, and I find $250 in US travelers checks hidden away in lost pocket in my Prada purse. Thank God! I then came home and find some more graduation money tucked away in cards... shoot a wedding reception and have just enough to cover June's bills.

My days then consist of getting over jet lag and searching frantically for jobs on every job search website ever created of during the morning. Then I call the girls (and Greg) and we all meet up and lay by the pool, soak up the rays and forget our worries...who needs a job we say.

Then the next day we go shopping and remind ourselves why we need jobs. "No job- no juicy" is our motto of the summer when it comes to shopping. So I pick things up that I adore...visualize ownership, try them on and promptly return them to their homes on the shelves where they will sit… until I get a job.

It's not like I'm not trying here. I seriously have applied for like 100 exaggeration. But, I guess most of them are not meant to be, because I am hearing nothing. I did get a few letters in the mail, regretting to inform me that although I am amazing, they went with someone else this time... all fine and dandy.

I do have some good leads… thanks to some good friends and will see where they lead...until then I will continue on my journey down the road of unemployment that leads to the pool and TJ Maxx.

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