Thursday, June 22, 2006

... Like a child.

Meet Gavin.
Gavin is the son of a fellow Lancome Lady.
I watched him a lot last summer.
This summer he has moved on to Meg.
My little sister.
But I had the pleasure of hanging out with him yesterday.
We sang songs on microphones and played the keyboard.
We danced to "I like to move it, move it"
We watched Madagascar.
There is nothing better then the giggle of little Gavin.
I wish we could all be little again.
If it was just for a day, think of how cool it would be.
I would wear my swimming suit with pink cowgirl boots all day.
I predict Joel would wear a Batman cape and cowboy boots...cause I would make him wear them to match mine.
We would eat candy and take naps in the afternoon.
I would make a tent out of some blankets.
Then we would play grocery store and take all the food out of the cabinets.
And then we would have snacks and play outside.
We would run threw the sprinklers and slip and slide.
Then we would catch lighting bugs.
That would be fun.

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Jimmy said...

little mr. joel.