Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my love

is a good love.
a great love actually.
he is fun.
and funny.
we dont have to be fancy.
we just be us.
it reminds me of a favorite lloyd dobbler quote:
"When we'd go out, we wouldn't even have to go out. We'd just hang out. This girl
made me trust myself. I was walking around, feeling satisfied, can you imagine that?"
he gave me his heart.
...i didn't give him a pen.

if you dont know what that means well...
lovesick in the 1989 movie- say anything-lloyd dobbler gives diane court his heart and she breaks up with him and gives him a pen in return.

it's one of my all time favorite movies-
not just because i love john cusack- but because it's true.

love isnt about going places and and trying to be in love.
love is about just being.
being and living.

im about to be a wife.
i will let you know what its like.
i bet its like being in love x10000.

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

i bet it's way more than x100000!