Monday, December 04, 2006

the eye twitch...

i have been known to have issues with an eye twitch when i get stressed.
i cant help it.
underneath my eye just starts going crazy.
maybe i should lay off the caffeine, but i need it.
maybe i should practice my relaxation techniques i paid good money to learn in college last semester.
maybe i should just calm the frick down sometimes.
but my eye twitches because im stressed and im stressed because my eye twitches.
...i hate my life when my eye twitches.

i think as i cross more things of my 'to do list' for the wedding I will feel better and my eye will stop.


Anonymous said...

my left eye twitches. but i don't know if it's from stress - because i don't ever feel stressed. so maybe it's just my crazy tick?

Katie said...

i hate twitchy eyes too! i don't know what causes mine to twitch when they do.

if you need any help with wedding plans, you know who to call! no! not ghostbusters. me!