Thursday, December 07, 2006


not dalmations...

not days till the wedding...

101 posts...which i wouldn't have known without switching to the new blogger...

but it wasn't by choice...

it was by annoyance.

i desided to finally switch over to the new google blogger- since goggle is buying everything up and wont let me open blogger without them strong-arming me into getting the new beta blogger.

and on my mac this damn spell checker won't work. GOSH. support me on safari dangit!! so enjoy my typos today until i find out if firefox will be supported! UPDATE: IT WORKS- DOES GOOGLE OWN FIREFOX?

come on man- stop trying to get us down.


thanks for telling me I posted 100 blogs.

that would have been nice to know yesterday.

i would have made a huge stink about it.

100 blogs is a huge deal.

so on this 101st blog i have posted on blogger i say this:

"thank you kindly for reading,"

and "come again soon."

1 comment:

Katie said...

i'm all about change, but this...makes me nervous